What studies?

It usually involves a combination of several required examinations, such as a medical questionnaire, a general clinical examination, blood and urine tests, certain cardiological tests, radiographic examinations, and this at the request of your insurer or broker who will provide you with the necessary documents and applications for this purpose.

What insurance?

Almost all insurers work with us: AG, Belfiuw, DVV, NN, Fortis, Axa, Vivium, Athora,KBC, ING, Delta Lloyd, ZA, ... As well as foreign insurers such as continental lines, Bcerta, MSH international,...

Don't forget

In any case, remember to arrive sober three hours in advance, and don't forget to bring your insurance broker documents


For insurance examinations, billing is done directly with your insurer. Insurance medicine is always with Dr. Schellemans.



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