Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, loyalty the best relationship.

the doctor's house since 1971

In 1971, Dr. Frank founded the Doktershuis on Mechelsesteenweg. It quickly became a household name in Antwerp and far beyond. Afterwards, Dr. Kennes took over as internist, and in 2016 Dr. Schellemans. The staff was expanded to 10 specialists and the offer broadened to vascular surgery, aesthetic surgery, urology and anesthesia, also radiology was and is still being expanded. A menopause clinic is in the works. The basic principles have not been touched, namely to minimize the time lost by our clients and to allow the necessary examinations to follow each other in a friendly, efficient and professional manner.

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At the doctor's house you are not a number, we are not a hospital and do everything possible to give you that unique feeling. The reporting is also done lege artis, not only to Cozo and your doctor, but also and especially to yourself, because you are our focus.

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A multidisciplinary team of physician-specialists and paramedics: professional, modern and personal!

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Welcome to the doctor's house

As practice manager, it is my job and pleasure to make you feel at home with us. I make the quotes for check-ups at companies, do the intake at the beginning of your journey through the various tests, and also make sure afterwards that all communications are timely and neat. You can always contact me with comments, suggestions, or any questions you may have.