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A medical screening is a screening of your global health status by specialists.

We get the picture per patient of your  living habits and cardiovascular risk factors (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesitas, high cholesterol, smoking, family history) as well as an image of oncologic (cancer) history in your family.

Based on these information, we could advise after the general check-up to perform additional examinations such as CT scan of the coronary arteries to exclude/confirm coronary narrowing, or a full coloscopy (bowel exam by videoscopy). We don’t do complete body scans, which is an expensive and possibly harmful (radiation) tool,  without any proven additional value.

What does this mean?

Our strength is the one stop shop. Within one appointment u see a team of medical specialists and undergo a battery of medical-technical investigations. Our team contains medical specialists in cardiology, gynecology, surgery, gastro-enterology, neurology, ENT, and urology.

The investigations we do are blood and urine examination, ECG, effort cardiac testing, echocardio (ultrasound of the heart), echo abdomen, coloscopy, duplex echo doppler of the vessels, echo of the prostate, gynecological echo, mammography and echo of the breasts, bone densitometry (looking after osteoporosis), audiometry (hearing tests), eye pressure measurement.

The most common medical pathology at your age and gender, can be detected on time : like heart and vessel diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol, colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and other gynecologic cancers.

After the screening our medical chief gives you a debriefing and within a week u get all results via email, including full medical report and personal advice, lab results and possible reference to other exams in hospital.

You have to be sober 3 hours before your appointment.

Investigations we perform are the following:

Every check up contains a clinical examination. Your weight, BMI and length are measures, the specialist will listen to heart and lungs, feel if there are any swollen glands, etc.
These test tel lus a lot about the function of the organs like the kidneys, liver, the level of cholesterol and sugar, diseases like leukemia can be detected. Function of the thyroid gland will be checked, prostate cancer can be detected, but also shortness of vitamines or viral infections can be detected.
The ECG at rest reveals a lot of information: heart rhythm disturbances can be excluded, thickening of the cardiac wall or heart infarctions can be discovered, also shortness of oxygen in the heart muscle by coronary narrowing will be revealed or excluded.
After the ECG at rest, the load or resistance when biking will be gradually augmented, every minute by 25 Watt, until your heart reaches the the target frequency for your age. Every minute during the effort test, a new ECG is taken. We do the test in order to check for coronary narrowing and to rule out rhythm disturbances and to controle blood pressure.
The echo of the heart can give an answer tot he following questions

– Does the pump function is normal?
– Are the chambers of the heart dilated, duet o high blood pressure or other diseases?
– What about the valves, do they leak, are they calcified?
– Is there an overpressure on the lungs?
– Are there any genetical conditions?

Shows us images of the kidneys, gallbladder, urinary tract, live rand the big vessels (aorta). We check for gall stones, kidney stones, cysts, cancers.
Results will be compared with your age, and gender. Lung Diseases like COPD, asthma can be discovered.
We measure the pressure in thee yes to exclude glaucoma. We measure the dioptre, the capability to read and see far. Don’t forget your glasses!
Hearing – test.
Mammography and/or echo of the breasts can discover cancer in an early stage. 1 on 12 woman gets breast cancer in their life and it is the main cause of death in woman between 50-69 years old.From the age of 50 we advice to perform this exam every 2 years or even every year when there is a family burden.
Fractures in the elderly can cause serious complications and can be avoided by preventive and therapeutic measurements in case of proven osteoporosis, which can be revealed by this bone scan.
During gastroscopy, the stomach is examined under a light sedation. Reflux, ulcers, cancers can be excluded/confirmed.
Examines the colon (bowel) under sedation. Colon Cancer formed the top 3 of cancers in men and woman and begins with small polyps, which can be easily removed before they get the chance to become a cancer. This exam is advised from the age of 50 on a 3 to 5 yearly base.
This is non invasive method of checking blood flow, vessel wal and constriction of vessel. This examination has great value in prevention of brain attack. Cost of this examination is partially repaid by insurance.
This is a examination is done  (with needle or by surface electrodes ) to find out cause of pain in the arms,legs ,back , neck and muscles.This also  gives information about nerves functions (nerve pathways from spinal cord to muscle endings) as pain is felt by nerves and muscles. Cost of this examination is partially repaid by insurance.

Private patients

You can get reimbursement by your health insurance for the biggest part


We perform tailor-made screenings for companies with a content and a price that is discussed in advance. Also insurance companies rely on our services.


The Doktershuis is situated at the  Mechelsesteenweg 199, 2018 Antwerp. We have a private parking, you can open the gate yourself by dialing a phone number. Several trams and busses have a stop right at our doorstep.


Our team consists of specialists in cardiology, vascular surgery, gynecology, neurology, oto-rhino-laryngology, gastroenterology, urology, otrhope and a number of paramedics such as a midwife.